This insurance is arranged to comply with the various employers’ liability legislations in Ghana including the Workmen’s Compensation Law of 1987.

The policy is intended to indemnify you in respect of your legal liability to your workmen for personal injury, fatal or otherwise where such injury arises out of an accident or sickness in the course of executing their work duties.

 It can be extended to cover common Law liability; this covers any additional sum awarded by the law court to an injured employee who is dissatisfied with the compensation given.

The policy is designed to protect the insured in respect of his legal liability to pay compensation for accidental bodily injury to or accidental damage to the property of  members of the public caused by or through the negligence, omission or commissions of the insured or his employees or by defeats in the premises/product and includes legal charges and expenses.


This policy is very necessary as it complies with the tenet of the new insurance Act 2006, Act 724 and section 184, which makes it mandatory for all commercial business/public places to be insured against third party liability risks.

Directors’ and Officers’ liability insurance is aimed at protecting the Directors and Officers of a company, trust, organization etc. against their legal liabilities for financial loss suffered by third parties as a result of the wrongful act of the director and or officer.